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Anyone know a place I could design my own keyboard key stickers? Not just a custom background design but customise the glyphs that are printed as well. Like this multilingual keyboard but where I can define all the glyphs used.

What's a good programme for drawing node diagrams?

I just took a week off and I need another one. I've altogether too much shit to be doing.

new Irish grammar concept: double eclipsis for emphasis.
"i gcónaí?
"i ngcónaí!"

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#107: 70s Orange
#108: 70s Purple

Both arts are made from the same mixed colors on one evening poured on 24x30cm canvases.

#art #kittenmews

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I am pretty sure that the Aldi and Lidl brand instant noodles are in fact the exact same in slightly different packaging.

honestly it's fucked up that I don't have huge boobs

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If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now print a copy of the letter from Nanni to Ea-Nasir complaining about shoddy copper...

It was a very good design decision in Deathloop to make Julianna much cooler than Colt. That way when she kills you you can't even be mad about it. She deserves it.

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this is from a small online community I'm an admin for but i thought I'd share the sentiment with people here because it's nice.

Is there a to check what prices stuff has actually sold for on ebay in the past rather than just seeing current listings?

I hope this person who offered €5 "Will take all" on my ad for PS2 games for €5 each isn't just being a smartarse.

One time when I said that the only man I find attractive is Toshiro Mifune I had someone respond by saying that we have all had crushes on anime characters and I am still annoyed over this.

It's finally happened. My surname is breaking a system in work.

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