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It's finally happened. My surname is breaking a system in work.

also a woman took a photo of the cat in the window as she walked past. I'm not sure that she even saw me standing a few metres beyond.

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the cat successfully caught a fly today with only minimal (and accidental) help from me


I've been eating more instant noodle type stuff this week because I have not had the spoons for cooking and you can really taste the amount of salt they shove into it.

I need to change my work password. Someone send me a good password to use.

There's no need to be so formal! Miss Gender was my father's name.


I became a [Big Shot] on my first attempt

I made an article for The Cutting Roof Floor for The Ring: Terror's Realm for the Dreamcast

I have been told that my cat's ears are sunburnt and I should get her sun cream.

bad fetish joke 

romanisation but instead of transcribing an alphabet it's transforming someone into a sexy italian

A red puddle sits in the middle of the floor, still wet. Jack knees down and stains two fingers as he draws them across the slick surface before bringing them to his nose and taking a deep sniff. The smell confirms what he already knew. "It's environmental storytelling, alright."

I replayed the first chapter of Deltarune. It's good.

I used the term "shower of bastards" to an English woman yesterday and I had to explain that Hiberno-English has specifically derogatory collective noun and I think that's a useful thing for a language to have.

Have you ever get someone following you and you just block their entire instance?

It's bad that they train Brits to all sound the exact fucking same.

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I put on the first episode of the Trash Future podcast and I am trying to figure out if one of these RP accents is a pre-transition Alice Caldwell-Kelly or if she just joined the podcast later.

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