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I'm not trying to make any kind of philosophical or political argument here about the reclamation of language I just want to be able to talk to people without being reminded of nazis every five minutes.

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It's shite having and kind of interest in etymology and the origins of symbols and being at all aware of online right-wing communities. So much of the way people communicate on the internet has its origins in nazis.

The fact that this kept happening is one of the things that made me reconsider the whole gender situation in the first place.

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I have once again joined a Discord server that is not particularly queer themed that happens to be full of trans women.

yet another reason to kill the bastard orb we call the sun

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It was sunny and I went for a walk and now I have a headache

dream diary, disease 

I dreamt that the corners of my fingernails started developing a brown crust and that somehow meant that I was dying.

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My parents were over yesterday, helping me to clear out some old rubbish. I had been listening to the Sonic Rush soundtrack on my phone and at some point I banged my phone in my pocket in some way that caused to to resume playing Ska Cha Cha for a second before I stopped it. My mother asked me if the speaker in my phone was broken.

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I have successfully done a text dump of The Ring: Terror's Realm for Dreamcast if anyone had any questions about the script of The Ring: Terror's Realm for Dreamcast

The cat gets very curious about the printer whenever it starts making noise.

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so my mum got a reflective coat, and then my sib found fullbody reflective dog coats too

so now we have glowy space dogs

I should not have listened to the new Behind the Bastards episode with the emotional state I'm in today

I don't find the concept of VTuber stuff to be all that strange but the popularity of it confuses me just because I think it looks like shit. The animation that results from face tracking seems very uncanny to me.

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