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.io domains 

Someone On Here pointed this out, but i can't find the post, so I'll try my best to bring out the key points. My apologies for lack of attribution

.io is the TLD for the British Indian Ocean Territories

The UK forcibly expelled the Chagos Islanders from their islands in order to build a military base for the US. The British claim the islands as part of the British Indian Ocean Territories

Courts have been ruling for decades that the UK must allow Chagos Islanders to return to their land, including UK courts, but the British government, to this day, refuses

.io domains are problematic because they are an endorsement of the situation, and the BIOT administration financially benefits from the purchase of them

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“Power loves ambiguity. It loves receiving and demanding the benefit of the doubt, because it almost always benefits whenever there is doubt... Power greatly prefers conversations about intent to conversations about outcomes and consequences, and it loves both euphemisms and the kind of “fairness” that pretends that historical facts and real-world power imbalances don’t exist, or if they exist, they probably don’t apply here”

porn company mention 

they also didn't have what I was looking for

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Do other people experience more pain when they get their hands caught in things when their hands are cold?

porn company mention 

I was in the city centre today for the first time in weeks picking up a prescription and I decided to brave a couple of shops for a few things I'd been wanting for a while. Called to the one remaining PC supplies shop in the city and the shopkeeper was wearing a hat with a Brazzers logo.

I downloaded an installed for a Linux game from Gog and it's a 331MiB .sh file

.xz compression does take rather a long time

Half-Life, sex 

How much time does Dr. Breen spend on his podcast every day just responding to people asking when they'll be allowed to fuck?

Hilda series two 

I like Kaisa

It's sad that my mastodon instance address is where I start getting spammed to. One would hope that people would play nicer in this kind of space.

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I set up domain blocking on my mail server for the first time. I started getting unsolicited emails to the admin address for this instance.

Gog, Devotion, Cyberpunk 2077 (implied) 

They announced they were going to start selling Devotion and walked it back a few hours later

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Gog, Devotion, Cyberpunk 2077 (implied) 

So it turns out Gog are cowards on top of everything else.

Discord should have a feature to auto-mute a channel for an hour if a specific word is mentioned

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I A richards tried to create a logically consistent system for judging how good a poem is and ended up doing this. lol

I am once again being asked to write a regex to validate emails 😩

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Sonic Robot Blast 2 coding 

A character's name _has two control characters in it_

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