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I'm annoyed at a weeb thing beyond what is reasonable again. I saw someone complaining about anime subtitles using "raccoon dog" instead of "tanuki" as if it was some kind of weird awkward euphamistic translation and just... what they are called in English. If you look up tanuki on Wikipedia it redirects you to the page titled raccoon dog because that is what they are called in English.

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four years later this is still the funniest image ive ever seen

@schratze That I don't have a problem with. I'm coming from the perspective of someone who has familiarity with Irish from school at a young age not an outside learner coming in but I don't see the need for that and I personally love seeing etymological roots in words! I think that's actually a very sad loss.

@schratze So my idea is to mark slender consonants with cedillas instead. So instead of "bhean" you'd have "ḃ̧an". This has the awkward issue of double accenting vowels which might be awkward to type so maybe there's something better. But that's my mad spelling reform idea for the moment. My name rendered like this would be Caoṁ̧e.

@schratze The second thing is palatalised consonants are represented not by any mark on the consonant themselves but by what vowels are next to them. If they're surrounded by "slender" vowels (i & e) they're palatalised. If they're surrounded by "broad" vowels (a, o & u) they're not. So you have extra vowels inserted into words that aren't meant to be pronounced in order to tell you how to pronounce the consonants.

@schratze Well I think the main issue is using letters as accent marks. In the past people used an accent mark called a ponc séimhithe to represent lenition, but now we use Hs instead. The reason for this is basically because it was much cheaper to buy English typewriters than ones that had the accent marks built in.

So for example "bhean" would have been "ḃean". The first thing is I'd like to bring that back.

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@schratze Irish. I have issue with the way palatalised vs velarised consonants are represented.

I have reached the "coming up with ridiculous spelling reform ideas" stage of learning a language.

Don't worry, I'm not going to actually start trying to push this. It is just an idle musing.

I should really stop trying to get node to work under WSL and just install the Windows version

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@hoppet they've made a few oopsies*

*crimes against humanity

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@hoppet If I was Christian I'd look into Quakerism before starting my own because they seem decent enough, but yeah I definitely wouldn't be going back to the Catholic church.

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@hoppet I feel like a ritual involving the communal sharing of bread between thirteen people was not intended to be scaled to a system of centralised mass distribution in the first place. People should probably be bringing their own bread to share rather than mass produced church bread.

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communion wafers are the ritualistic embodiment of God himself rules lawyered down into the cheapest possible thing to mass produce that could still be argued to constitute "bread"

free idea for youtube film video essayists: Sid is the villain in Toy Story because he represents the ultimate evil to Disney: a child with no regard for branding or reverence for the holy trademarked images

Love how REmake has an item named "Chemical to use on plants"

@funnypanja ice-nine is a thing from the novel cat's cradle where it's a form of ice that turns all water that comes into contact with it into more ice-nine. The photo is just a glass of water with some pink food dye I stuck in the freezer overnight.

One thing that's really helped me get through this pandemic is starting my day with a nice cool glass of ice-nine

Styx: Shards of Darkess is very fun little stealth game. I love being an evil little dickhead goblin. But god that was the worst ending I've seen in a game for a long time.

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