Making a cup of tea to try and keep myself awake despite the fact that it's rooibos and I know that it has no caffeine.

I think I might start changing usernames across various sites.

My executive is really disfunctioning lately. Hate that bitch.

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Atmospheric and tense, leading to a very abrupt and flat climax. I don't know if the people who made it knew or cared about Black 47 but it sort of feels as an attempt at a response to it. The deserter who kills the landlord being a monster rather than a heroic avenger. But it doesn't really seem to have anything to say on this other than that landlord practises that lead to the deaths of over a million people are bad, but also maybe murder is bad too?

I'm very glad that Deathloop turned out to not actually be a roguelike at all.

This is part of an anthology that was published in October of last year.

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Lots of things age poorly. This opening paragraph had aged poorly before it was even published.

Thinking of getting a moustache tattooed on the side of my index finger. To be .

@Jo Which is weird considering the contents of the videos are very calm explanations of things.

Is there any disadvantage to using Libre Wolf over Firefox?


@hoppet I am intrigued. I have only ever made porridge in the microwave.


Was invaded in Deathloop during Aleksis' party. Julianna sat on top of the walls of Dorsey Manor with a sniper rifle guarding the party. I had no long range weapons and I'm bad at sniping anyway. I managed to sneak in the side, climb up behind her, and machete her in the back. Very satisfying.

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"You gained 24 xp!!! LEVEL UP!!!"

sir this is tetris

It's fascinating how sensitive the body can be.

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When I wear nail polish I can feel the difference on my fingers. My nails feels weighed down by the tiny thin layer of varnish.

@seachaint I asked someone who knew a bit more about the history of the language once what prepositional forms the neuter pronoun used back in Old Irish and they said that they used the same as the male ones. Don't know about the mutations though.

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