cat update 

the cat has come out of her hiding place and is staring at me warily from across the room

I am reading a Half-Life comic titled A Place in the West and I like this panel.

Colony, fascist aesthetics 

Fascist is not really accurate to be honest. It's a totalitarian occupation, but it does not involve any kind of rallying of support based on racial divisions.

It's just a total top down police state without any real evidence of them trying to get people behind it at all in any way other than "we are the all powerful government, do as we say."

But the show clearly wants us to think of them as fascist because this is the flag.

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cat surveillance video 

The cat is still refusing to come out during the day and clearly nervous but she's looking a lot less scared and more curious.

The search engine apparently treats "svg" and "vector" as synonyms

I was considering using this hosting website a while ago and never got around to it.

body image, trans, facial hair 

I also just take pride in shaving now that I never did when I thought I was a man. I hated shaving then.

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I like Microsoft's design for the Swiss embassy emoji

The best thing about making mods is interactions with other mods

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