Lots of things age poorly. This opening paragraph had aged poorly before it was even published.

Anyone know a place I could design my own keyboard key stickers? Not just a custom background design but customise the glyphs that are printed as well. Like this multilingual keyboard but where I can define all the glyphs used.

rt @mspowahs@twitter.com

"Why is my Twitter timeline all trans women?" Asks "Man" Who Is About To Realise Why


It is interesting reading old books and seeing turns of phrases that one might have assumed were much more modern. This is from 1903.

My earring has 128 GiB of storage and a bootable operating system. Is this of any actual use to me? No. But it's cool.


I place one card face down and end my turn

Regaine sell a "for men" and "for women" version that are identical other than the suggested dosage level and that the instructions for women are more than twice as long.

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