I am currently selling off a lot of games shite I bought when I first got some disposable income and lost the run of myself.

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Too bad I can't sell on all my Steam bundle shite too.

Despite the fact that Valve lost that court case.

@oakreef Maybe you can sell some spare bundle keys on the sly. :thinkingwithblobs:

@Jo I cannot. It's all already redeemed to my account.

@oakreef Got them listed anywhere I could peek? I don't have a lot of that "disposable income" myself right now, but I am nostalgic for games-that-you-can-own and games-that-need-no-network, bygone concepts

@seachaint here

I still have a bunch of Mega Drive and PS2 games I need to get around to listing, but I need to make the time to verify what is and isn't working. Also a lot of PC games but those tend to be less popular for resale (and some useless due to activation codes already being redeemed).

@oakreef Thanks! Am having to convince myself that I don't need a mechanical keyboard :P

@seachaint @tfb can you really afford not to have an incredibly loud keyboard with blank keycaps though?

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