I have a cheque made out to my deadname. My bank account is already changed over to the name Caoimhe. I am unsure how I should handle this.

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@oakreef Do you have proof that you changed from your dead name to your name? If you do then your bank should be able to process the cheque as there is an "audit trail" of changes (happened for my name change, I had proof I used to be the old name and proof I was the new name).

I'm so sorry that it is still popping up. And apologies if this is unsolicited advice 😖

@rae I have my deed poll but they were awkward enough about accepting that when I changed my name with them. They didn't really know what to do with it. Stupidly they eventually accepted my updated birth certificate as proof of a name change despite the fact that it doesn't have my given name on it at all and doesn't indicate any changes.

@rae I guess I'll just bring in my birth cert, deed poll and gender recognition cert and see if just throwing all the documents at them satisfies them.

@oakreef the bank should accept that documentation but I can't speak for the individual. Best of luck; I hope it is as painless as it can be. 💕

@oakreef Shur bankers are well used to handling changed names, don't half the clients of the Bahamas open accounts in different names :P
For real though, is the check marked "A/C Payee" or similar?
At worst, can the issuer re-issue with the correct name?

@seachaint It is not. Someone else has already suggested endorsing it for myself in my own dead name. I am not sure about having it reissued. It's part of the execution of a will and I don't know know if that complicates anything regarding the name specified on the will.

@oakreef I reckon go bother a bank teller (endangered species though they are) and see what they think, possibly they'd shrug and cash it without much fuss

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