I had found rooibos a very disappointing replacement for the comfort provided by a cup of black tea but I have just tried it with milk and honey and it was lovely.

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@oakreef What brand, may I ask? Many moons ago I had developed a good habit of rooibos in the evenings, with milk, and found it acceptable. But when I tried to resume the habit recently it had a sort of astringent bitterness I didn't enjoy. I'm wondering whether that's a brand variation, maybe the right brew would work.
Mind you, I take my black tea way stronger today than I did back then, so maybe overstrong rooibos will always be manky..

@seachaint It's from a local tea shop that just sells loose leaf tea without any other branding. I don't see any specific info on sourcing from their website for the rooibos.

@seachaint there is just a general statement about rooibos "This tea is grown commercially in the Cedarberg region of South Africa's Western Cape since the 1700's"

@oakreef Is that the place on McCurtain st? Or the one on Mardyke? Or some other? I need to get me a supplier

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