Do you like Sonic? Do you like golf? Do you wish you could somehow combine these two? It's your lucky day, Snolf Robo Blast 2 is here!

@irthomleniter I didn't know that even existed! I guess there really is nothing new under the sun.

@oakreef @irthomleniter I mean it's a decade old project of mine? I suppose I can't be surprised it's been forgotten about lol

@KS @oakreef holy shit tho i had no idea people from the srb2 forums like 10 years ago are Over Here

what a small world

@irthomleniter @oakreef the overlap's bigger than you might expect—you just have to know where to look, is all

@KS @irthomleniter I only recently got into SRB2 anyway. I haven't played a version other than 2.2! So it wouldn't have been in my orbit anyway. It looks cool though. I'm really impressed by everything in SRB2 and from what I gather modding it used to be a lot harder than it is now.

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