Dragons should have been associated with water, not fire.

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I'm musing as to what a version of Avatar with Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood as the five elements would have looked liked.

I am two episodes into rewatching Legend of Aang and I am already crying

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Sharpening this blade probably cost significantly more in gas and water than manufacturing it ever did.

Still fascinating, though. :blobwoah:


A fun game is to tell someone that there's a mod for Half-Life 1 called Earth's Special Forces and tell them to imagine what that mod looks like. Then tell them to look it up.

Northern Ireland, paramilitaries 

The UVF, UDA and RHC have withdrawn support for the Good Friday Agreement in response to the current Northern Ireland protocols. This seems like it will lead to good things 😐


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I rather wish people would stop drawing boob socks

The best thing about making mods/games is adding silly details you think are funny that it's unlikely anyone will ever notice

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#82: "Lesbian Pride"

If you like my art, I appreciate feedback, boosts and ko-fis (from people who're able to!)

If you want to acquire the physical canvas, I these as "Pay what you want/can" to the first one who claims it. I need my costs for materials and shipping covered and hope to get a bit extra as my art is very not covering its costs at the moment

Gallery: kittenme.ws/art/
Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/jglauche
Streams: twitch.tv/jennyfluff

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In this case I'm talking about dozens of emails rather than thousands, so it doesn't have to be able to handle volume.

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Can anyone recommend a basic tool to download and emails from an IMAP server? I'm trying to just use thunderbird to copy them to a local thunderbird folder but it seems to just simply not work.

I wish more local localisations in English were common. I want an RTÉ version of Pokémon where Brock tries to pass these off as white pudding or something.

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And I really don't mind liberal translations that try to substitute in things that might be more familiar with the audience. But the annoying thing about English translations is they're always aimed at yanks.

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So a localisation choice designed to make something seem more familiar actually just replaced something completely unknown to me with something almost completely unknown to me.

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As far as I was concerned that could be what they look like. The only other place I'd ever heard of them was from the Simpsons. They looked different in that but I dunno I'd never seen a real one so it hardly mattered.

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People make fun of Pokémon trying to pass off onigiri as doughnuts but the translation didn't land for me for the opposite reason to what people generally complain about: I had never seen a doughnut in my life before.

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Hm, the #Irish / #Gaeilge word "seift" looks like it would make a good translation for the noun-sense of "hack"

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