Was invaded in Deathloop during Aleksis' party. Julianna sat on top of the walls of Dorsey Manor with a sniper rifle guarding the party. I had no long range weapons and I'm bad at sniping anyway. I managed to sneak in the side, climb up behind her, and machete her in the back. Very satisfying.

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"You gained 24 xp!!! LEVEL UP!!!"

sir this is tetris

It's fascinating how sensitive the body can be.

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When I wear nail polish I can feel the difference on my fingers. My nails feels weighed down by the tiny thin layer of varnish.

Why is plural not generally referred to as a grammatical gender like male, female and neuter? It seems to be in most ways the same sort of category and causes similar mutations in subject and object and pronouns.

Anyone know a place I could design my own keyboard key stickers? Not just a custom background design but customise the glyphs that are printed as well. Like this multilingual keyboard but where I can define all the glyphs used.

What's a good programme for drawing node diagrams?

I just took a week off and I need another one. I've altogether too much shit to be doing.

new Irish grammar concept: double eclipsis for emphasis.
"i gcónaí?
"i ngcónaí!"

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#107: 70s Orange
#108: 70s Purple

Both arts are made from the same mixed colors on one evening poured on 24x30cm canvases.

#art #kittenmews

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I am pretty sure that the Aldi and Lidl brand instant noodles are in fact the exact same in slightly different packaging.

honestly it's fucked up that I don't have huge boobs

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If you have access to a 3D printer, you can now print a copy of the letter from Nanni to Ea-Nasir complaining about shoddy copper...

It was a very good design decision in Deathloop to make Julianna much cooler than Colt. That way when she kills you you can't even be mad about it. She deserves it.

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