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my name is pronounced /kwiːvʲə/ or /kiːvʲə/

God I just turned a boss that was probably not possible for humans to beat with Snolf into something glorious.

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I like that there's a command called tac that is the same as cat but just reverses all the lines in the file. Makes it easy to remember considering it's something I only occasionally have use for.

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playing around with physics and trajectory calculations instead of banging my head against ReactJS? Brilliant!

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hey it turns out I actually love coding

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if anyone's looking for a "graphic design is my passion" example for today,

Extracting a 14GiB tar.xz takes a while

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adventure time: obsidian spoiler 

that way gay 💙

someone send me biscuits and chocolate

oh wow my mod got an article about it in PC Gamer

Do you like Sonic? Do you like golf? Do you wish you could somehow combine these two? It's your lucky day, Snolf Robo Blast 2 is here!

Not all levels are completable yet but I hope to get it fully working within the week.

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Have you ever wanted to play a 3D Sonic game with golf controls? Do you want to live in hell? Download my Snolf Robo Blast 2 WAD.

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