I have been brushing the cat every day due to how much she is shedding and it has made her incredibly soft.

At least I was told it was actually him, and it certainly sounds like him. I never met him or had any involvement in that part of it.

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We got Eddie Hobbs to do a voiceover for it somehow though.

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A friend unearthed a DVD with a film we made in secondary school. It is very teenager.

do reusable lint rollers work or are they a scam


SR388 does not have an official name due to being uninhabited. SR388 is a Galactic Fedeation serial number but no one actually calls it that outside of official reports. It does have a nickname though. Because of the abandoned underground cities that run beneath the surface of the planet it is widely known by the name "Metro".

The cat has finally relaxed and feels comfortable here and she's going absolutely wild running around the place.

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Interesting article about the 'why' of Lenition and Eclipsis in Irish: nualeargais.ie/gnag/sindos.htm
(NB: Article was originally in German I think, so watch out for oddities in translation).
The short version of 'why' is basically "Irish people talk too fast for stupid things like consonants to get in the way"


I still can't get blood tests done due to the HSE hacks

cat update 

the cat has come out of her hiding place and is staring at me warily from across the room

My mam has also for the longest time referred to any small living thing in the family as my given name when excited or shouting such as the dogs or my nephews and today she called my baby niece Caoimhe while running after her.

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For a long time I was worried that my family wouldn't want to explain my transition to my young nephews. That they'd think it was too weird or complicated and would want to hide it indefinitely. Today they sang happy birthday to Caoimhe to me.

I have a 100 year old book I would like to scan and preserve. What is the best way to do this without damaging too much or spending a fortune?

go read Half-Life: A Place in the West

I have discovered that there are Team Fortress 2 Classic servers with custom weapons. I was playing on one with a bunch of stuff including a crossbow for the Demoman with bolts that explode a second after impact that I really, really loved.

I Am Not a Monster 

The game continues to be excellent but the plot is extremely grim for the mid century pulp sci fi aesthetics.

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