I should really stop trying to get node to work under WSL and just install the Windows version

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communion wafers are the ritualistic embodiment of God himself rules lawyered down into the cheapest possible thing to mass produce that could still be argued to constitute "bread"

free idea for youtube film video essayists: Sid is the villain in Toy Story because he represents the ultimate evil to Disney: a child with no regard for branding or reverence for the holy trademarked images

Love how REmake has an item named "Chemical to use on plants"

One thing that's really helped me get through this pandemic is starting my day with a nice cool glass of ice-nine

Styx: Shards of Darkess is very fun little stealth game. I love being an evil little dickhead goblin. But god that was the worst ending I've seen in a game for a long time.

I am currently wearing two pairs of socks, leggings, jeans, a vest, tshirt, shirt, two hoodies, two pairs of gloves and a shawl
my flat is not warm

time to start the day with a nice refreshing glass of ice-nine

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A free font, HyperLegible from the Braille institue. brailleinstitute.org/freefont for those with poor vision and to be unambiguous

Also I can't hear the phrase "ultimate lifeform" without thinking of Shadow the Hedgehog

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Wesker: This is the ultimate lifeform, Tyrant!
Chris: Wow bro that's pretty cringe.
Wesker: Chris? Stop it! :(

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Looking at the original Resident Evil dialogue and Chris' reaction to the Tyrant is amazing

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ireland, travellers, discrimination 

(from birdsite twitter.com/SindyLJoyce/status)

1st image - "how it started"
2nd image - "how it's going"

jfc this all sums up so much about ireland's attitude to travellers and our inherited colonial attitudes

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Also wow I used far too many chillis my lips are on fire.

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I thought I had one tin of coconut milk left but turns out I didn't so today's green curry is with oat milk instead. It doesn't really work all that well as a substitute but it's still very edible. It's not creamy enough and the flavour is overpowered by everything else.

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I am looking for a new, low-budget, easy to use microphone that I can just plug in without having to worry too much about audio engineering. Recommendations?

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