I now have a working Novint Falcon. 16 year old Caoimhe would be proud.

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I read a smut story with a character with my name for the first time ever. That was odd.

medical transition TMI 

The spironolactone is really kicking in today. I have both boobache and ballache.

medical system 

It only took two years and four months to get a letter back to arrange an initial consultation after being referred to the "national gender service". In that time I've already started HRT privately, gone through a round of laser hair removal and legally changed my name.

nude mods 

Apparently there are nude mods for XCOM 2. I can understand using sex mods for stuff like Skyrim where you can try to engage with an element of roleplaying and mod in more NPC interactions, but XCOM 2 is just endless shooting aliens with with your tiny toy soldiers. Why would want them to be naked?

dream diary 

I dreamt that I was Half-Life 2: Episode Three but then got to a section with a Vortigaunt mind meld thing that turned out to just be some kind of bizarre trivia quiz minigame where there were two sets of questions and answers at once, both on separate timers, and answers disappeared as it counted down, even correct ones. It was completely impossible and the game gave you an option to skip it but I was stubbornly refusing to.

abuse, cults 

I am certain that I'm not saying anything new here but it occurs to me that abusive relationships, general hazing rituals in fraternity groups, militaries, etc, and cults all use the same basic mechanism of traumatising someone and then also being the person to give them comfort after that trauma.

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unconstructive contrarianism 

"bisexual lighting" looks like shit

vague negativity 

The world continue to be depressing.

The search engine apparently treats "svg" and "vector" as synonyms

Turning my head to check for cars was making me anxious.

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The show was apparently not very popular in Japan.

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I am thinking again about how the studio that made Sonic X made a full third series that got dubbed and released internationally but just didn't bother releasing the original Japanese version for over a decade. The third series was made in 2005 and aired for the first time in Japan _last year_.

The episode of the X-Files where they do The Thing with a budget of $4 was pretty good for a TV version of The Thing with a budget of $4

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