concept that is potentially reckless: dynamic symlinks. Instead of just being a pointer to another file or directory every time you access it it runs a small script to determine what it is going to point to.

mention of a type of horrific mutilation 

I just remembered the concept of "degloving" (do not google it) and every muscle in my body tensed up at once

The state has successfully gone back in time and altered my birth certificate.

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YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

Is there a way to set up LineageOS/Android to automatically turn off bluetooth and wifi if they're not connected to anything for five minutes?

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Did you know that North American has the three largest air forces in the world?

1. The US Air Force
2. The US Navy
3. The US Army

no I don't go to code meetups or research React JS outside of work hours because I don't have fucking stockholm syndrome fuck off

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my new manager expects me to have ambition

I think I'm going to call Snolf Robo Blast 2 done. I'm happy with how it is.

dream diary, body horror-ish 

I had many strange dreams last night but the details of most of them are already gone. The one that stands out was where I had a pain in my big toe and when I looked there was a huge gap between my toe and toenail and somehow there was a family of periwinkles living in there and I had to pull them out.

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Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.


The best thing about making mods is interactions with other mods

Is there actually a rule in golf that you have to wait for the ball to come to rest or are you allowed to volley it if you run fast enough?

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Today I learned about Bahamut and Kibuthan, which are versions of Leviathan and Behemoth respectively that got their names swapped around when translated into Arabic, which is very charming to me.

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