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my name is pronounced /kwiːvʲə/ or /kiːvʲə/

John Wick 

that film was bad

dysphoria, body image issues, negative 

I love it when the gender dysphoria subsides enough for me to feel fat and ugly but just in the normal way most women do

I'm cleaning my kitchen. The flight against entropy is draining and futile.

comic books, the joker 

Someone explain why this was written.

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comic books, the joker 

I recently learned that at some point in an actual DC published comic that the Joker became the Iranian ambassador for the U.N.

I enjoyed the first episode of The Watch. It's not Pratchett, but I've read Pratchett before. It's interesting to see very different versions of the characters.

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my proposal for a new solution to fediverse's problems:

nobody is allowed to post anymore. no replies or dms either.

animal bone 

Aldi had a dog treat with an interesting label


I opened a tin of "chopped pork & ham" this morning. I don't know why pork and ham are listed as separate things on it.

I made up a way to assign different weights to characters in SRB2 just so I could have the excuse for programming in the inelastic collision of two spheres into it

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I do love it when I get to use all the maths and physics I spent so long studying to program stuff.


I am watching the Half-Life speedrun and getting severely motion sick

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina spoilers 

I can't believe Salem ate Melissa Joan Hart

Snolf Robo Blast 2 v2.0 is out and includes some extremely important new features

Does anyone have any advice for getting mould of of pillows?

Hello weather. I would like to not be cold any longer. Thank you for your consideration.

there's hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials but are there materials that just don't give a shit about water

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