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I'm getting kind of fixated on my weight again and that's probably not a good thing.

Everything Everywhere All At Once 

|I am surprised that Evelyn's first line after her first successful jump wasn't "I know Kung Fu."

cat, work 

Easóg wants to play but I am again trapped in a work call.

Do you ever just think about Laika and cry a little bit?


I woke up very hungry and decided to weigh myself to see what my weight was with a very empty stomach. I have a very healthy relationship with my weight.

work grumbling 

Why are people incapable of being specific about what their problems are?

I made a mod for Sonic Origins that replace the Sonic 1 soundtrack with the slower PAL versions of the tracks.

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toast made a hole in the bottom of one of the couches and has activated full goblin mode.

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software development grumbling 

NPM has been installing shit for half an hour


I am sick of my job.

work grumbling, programming 

I was actually wrong in this instance because the integration tests were being run in a weird way I wasn't aware of.

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