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thoughts on Spiral by Koji Suzuki 

The idea that I like: The evolution of the idea of the ring curse as a memetic virus that can adapt to different media. Some forth wall-leaning ideas about the Ring existing in-universe and therefore the implication that the book you already read was a carrier of it.

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thoughts on Spiral by Koji Suzuki 

Where Ring could be feel a bit meandering sometimes but was held together by a strong central concept and a well executed ending, Spiral has a much more engaging intrigue that's a mix of medical and paranormal thriller that falls apart from muddled concepts and a nonsense ending.

What's the best distro for getting performance from an old Raspberry Pi 2 playing videos?

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Over the last year I have been transcribing a public domain Irish novel originally published in 1903 set in and around Tramore in Co. Waterford. It concerns a young London man who travels to Ireland to investigate the disappearance of his uncle, Viscount Clashmore. I've uploaded it to the Internet Archive and you can find it here.

Has anyone ever asked Estelle in an interview if she knows that two of her songs became famous with kids as gamer parody songs on Youtube?

Sadako doesn't have her signature hair over face look and she doesn't come out of a TV, but you do get to see her boobs a bunch of times if that's what you really want from a Ring adaptation.

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Despite this it still makes some of its own additions, such as a completely unnecessary incest plotline and as much female nudity as it can at any opportunity.

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Ideas go undeveloped and the main characters' investigation is cut down and reordered a bit, resulting in some extreme logical leaps or characters suddenly stating information they know about from something off-screen.

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I watched the 1995 film adaptation of Ring last night (the TV movie one, not the famous theatrical one). It really struggles to try to fit the film into an hour and half. The first half feels very rushed and even when it calms down a little it never has any room to breath at all.

bottom surgery, flippant joke 

anyone want to cut my balls off kthx

The cat is having a nightmare she's letting out tiny little meows while she sleeps 😭😭😭

I have been struggling to find time to play with my cat lately and she's been getting bored and restless. I think I've finally found a good solution though: I'm going to release 144 live rats into the house for her to chase.


I love to constantly read headlines like "Worrying signs that economic growth may not increase as much as forecasted this year" while facing the impending collapse of civilisation brought on by the relentless, continuous acceleration of resource extraction.

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Study (N=2280) finds no gender diffs in initial risk taking. But men reported more positive consequences than women. Women aren't risk adverse. They avoid risks when the risk-taking may lead to less rewarding consequences.

why have none of my usual torrent sites uploaded the new Inside No. 9?

Who makes the best tinned soup? Genuine question.

Irish politics 

Happy 50th anniversary to Ireland's temporary non-jury court that legally accepts hearsay as evidence.

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