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I think it's just a cold everyone in the family has taken tests over the last two days and they're all negative.

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I am sick and would like to not be sick.

Harvey Norman do not accept their own gift cards on their website :|

I miss the spread-dot operator from when I worked with Groovy

I think I'm going to start a sex cult who's in?

I am lonely and sick of the plague and would like to kiss someone.

Is there any place to pirate comics that lets you download them as PDF and preferably also has an RSS feed?


Let me faff about aaaghhhh. I am going to die of meetings.

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"We can't do any real project work in the days leading up to christmas because half the company is already on holidays. We should then use all the time over the next few days to get everyone who is here together to plan all the work we'll be doing in the new year." - The thought process of an absolute psychopath.

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I have one of the books on the Dublin Small Trans Library's wishlist. I should actually get around to reading it and then donate it.


I am working until wednesday and one guy on my team does not understand that the week before christmas is for dossing and keeps organising meetings to do actual work

@Jo I've been meaning to ask. I get that SHITSCRAM is an anagram of chirstmas, but why Sonic?

I need my potassium level monitored due to being on spironolactone. Guess which one of the results of the U&E tests the lab fucked up.

Thinking on it I think it might have been a joke calling him very old? That is the least insane explanation I can think of.

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"our next speaker could have been in the manger in the nativity"
very normal thing to say in a work meeting

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