I finally cooked a proper meal for myself in my new house instead of getting a takeaway again. The only problem there is no extractor fan in the kitchen and the house smells of fish sauce now.

@seachaint This one also really bothers me. The moon is out during the day a lot! It's not abnormal at all.

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Is there a word for "common mistruths casually told to kids by basically everything, that are trivially falsified by direct observation"?

Numbingly obviously wrong things like "The moon comes out at night and goes away during the day", which is just casually depicted as fact in everything for kids and babies, from picture books to written descriptions of day/night cycles.

I keep seeing stuff like this, the Moon-as-night-sun one is only the first one I can recall offhand.

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I have put back on all the weight I lost in 2020. I feel like a sack of shite.

I thought there was a huge scratch across one of the lenses in my glasses for a moment but it was just a cat hair.


why is no one fucking _me_ in the Italian senate?

once again my blood has been taken from me

Why would one ask "still available?" on an ad that was posted four hours ago and has had no offers on it. Just make a fucking offer.

Just dumped off a million old PC and PS2 games at CEX. They're going to call me back with their offer of 7c in a few days.

You aren't female unless you can fuse with Stone Ogre Grotto to become Mystical Stand. Don't call yourself a woman if you can't be equipped with Malevolent Nuzzler.

someone has already put their own rubbish in my bins

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Everything in this house is still a complete mess since I've moved and I have not had the spoons to organise things at all.

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love to follow someone on twitter and then log in the next day and the first thing on my timeline is them retweeting an ad for a body pillow of a child character

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