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She sleeps soundly, feeling no guilt from her crimes.

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Here's a link to my implementation of Conway's Game of Life in 139 characters:

And the code:

k=2^13::s::for a=0,k do
n=0 for x=0,8 do
poke(a,n==12 and 4 or n==16 and peek(a))end
memcpy(k*3,0,k)goto s

I manually deleted the Mastodon media cache folder because the command to clear it did not seem to actually be freeing space and it has had consequences.

I'm finally getting around to decorating my house a bit.

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I couldn't decide on an idea for the masquerade mask so I'm just doing all of them.

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An example of Corba's dialogue

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I'm still not over the time I got a machine translated sexploitation spam email with the phrase "do chuid masturbation"

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Mary Lou McDonald is suing RTÉ and we have no idea why is a very funny news story to read over lunch.


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