what size wok should I get?

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@cailleach A medium size cheap one from a Chinese supermarket, in thin steel. Unless you’re stuck with an electric hob?

@ghost_bird @cailleach this is good

there actually is a place for a non-stick wok, but it's not really a wok so much as a sort of wide fying/saucepan hybrid for cooking in bulk and/or doing random improvised meals. So like... still medium sized, since a massive one is just awkward if you're not cooking huge meals with it

@sinvega @cailleach I have a lovely wok that cost me fiver in Chinatown - but it’s in storage, alas :-(

@ghost_bird @cailleach big Chinese food warehouse type shop is best. Wish I lived close to one. nobody near here even does msg or potato starch :(

@sinvega @ghost_bird I tried the asian supermarkets near me today but they're all pretty small and most of them only do food. The one that did some kitchen equipment didn't do woks. It looks like I'll have to look online.

@cailleach @sinvega You’ll need a thicker one with a flat bottom for an electric hob, I think. Again, small end of medium is probably best

@cailleach Something that fits on your burner, and in your sink.

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