I am planning on going running in the gym today for the first time since transing my gender

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My groin muscles are still very sore two days later.

@meena The treadmills they have go faster than the one I used to use and I think I probably pushed a bit to hard and will be sore tomorrow. I meant to stay on it for an hour but only did half an hour. I did two and a half miles though according to the machine.

@cailleach that's not too bad at all, after how long a break??

@meena a few months since I did any real exercise other than walking up the hill to my house. A few years since I was in a gym.

@cailleach reminds me of the first time I climbed on a bike after surgery 😵‍💫

@cailleach The training of the abdominals is quite painful if one starts them or paused for a long time. I feel you.

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