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|I am surprised that Evelyn's first line after her first successful jump wasn't "I know Kung Fu."

cat, work 

Easóg wants to play but I am again trapped in a work call.

Do you ever just think about Laika and cry a little bit?


I woke up very hungry and decided to weigh myself to see what my weight was with a very empty stomach. I have a very healthy relationship with my weight.

work grumbling 

Why are people incapable of being specific about what their problems are?

I made a mod for Sonic Origins that replace the Sonic 1 soundtrack with the slower PAL versions of the tracks.


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toast made a hole in the bottom of one of the couches and has activated full goblin mode.

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NPM has been installing shit for half an hour


I am sick of my job.

work grumbling, programming 

I was actually wrong in this instance because the integration tests were being run in a weird way I wasn't aware of.

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work grumbling, programming 

Workmate thinks that the exceptions in the logs have nothing to do with the integration tests failing because the error is about data processing. What do you think the integration tests are _doing_?

Signs of impending civilisational collapse: Torrent sites are getting slower to upload new episodes.

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