Biodiversity win! This farm has a cat and a dog.

A stream where I play Deus Ex on a dvorak keyboard without rebinding the default keys.

I spilt honeyed tea all over my normal keyboard so now I suppose I must actually use this Dvorak keyboard that I have been putting off learning.

cat, spider 

I called her back up and she comes up and looks around where it fell but doesn't see it and I pull the part of the sheet where it is directly in front of her face and she doesn't notice it and runs back under the bed to look for it so I flick it off the edge of the bed down to her. I don't know if she actually managed to catch it in the end.

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cat, spider 

There was a spider on the wall next to my bed last night just sitting perfectly still at a height that Easóg could easily jump to but she just kept standing on the bed and trying to stretch up to it but it was out of her reach. I eventually picked her up and lifted her up to it to let her knock it off and then she thought if fell down under the bed and runs under to find it but it's just sitting on the edge of the sheets.

financial bullshit 

the bank lost two forms I signed last week so I had to go back in today just to sign the same fucking forms

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The community in Ireland ( has an ongoing project to map all of the buildings in Ireland.

This is a time lapse of those 1,831,044 buildings being added to the map.

Made in #QGIS with the temporal controller.

#30DayMapChallenge Day 24 "Historical"


A nurse is going to take my blood from me in an hour

An article about Simone Veil, the author of Pictures for Sad Children, and some of what she has done since she took that comic down


I got on the treadmill for the first time in months. I still have kept up a surprising amount of stamina. I did 7.75km in an hour.

I need to take my laptop out and get to work but my cat is asleep on my desk and I do not want to move her.

Ran into someone from work in the supermarket. This should be illegal.

someone tell me what to get my mam, dad, brother, sister, and niblings for christmas, kthx

I got a taxi yesterday that was a tesla and I couldn't figure out how to open the fucking doors

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