I was sceptical about Visual Studio Code but editing repos deployed on a server over SSH is a nice feature.

someone uploaded a version of Hypercam 2 that gives you the unregistered watermark to the Internet Archive because the official version doesn't any more

Hard To Be a God is fascinating. It is very much a science fiction novel in that it is engaging in speculation on the implications of a piece of technology but the technology in question is historical materialism.

I've up since five in the morning and I need to focus every ounce of concentration I have left in me in order to complete today's wordles before time runs out

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This is what people who complain about béarlachas want Irish to sound like.

I want to go to bed but instead a cat is using me as a bed

I just saw someone leave a one star review on a podcast because the hosts frequently tell people to google things thereby "constantly encouraging the use of data harvesters".

The cliffhanger of the previous episode of this show was resolved by the attacker suddenly dying of a pollen allergy.

My cat has learnt how to open the drawer I keep my hair ties in. I shall never know peace again.

When I first came across people using "it/its" pronouns it made me a little uncomfortable. I looked around a bit for people's perspectives and ended up coming across truscum forums making absolutely vile comments about people going by it and it immediately convinced me that I did not want to be on the same side as them and I needed to get over any hangups I had over it and support people.

climate change 

There's a temporary office in the middle of town with some people to talk about home energy upgrade schemes the government runs. I mentioned the idea of getting a heat pump system instead of a gas boiler because they could potentially run in reverse and provide cooling as well. The guys in there laughed and basically said "sher this is Ireland, when would you ever need to cool a house?"

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Does anyone have an recommendations for using an Android phone as a mouse and keyboard input for a Linux desktop over a local network? I've been using XMouse for a while but I'm having trouble using it with a new setup and it doesn't seem to be kept up to date.

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